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Cost-Effective Ways to Transform the Home

The home is a fortress that shields us from the elements, and while it is designed to withstand years of punishment, it does need some help in order to stay in shape. Years of constant sun, wind, and rain, will render to paintwork dull and shabby, and timber frames need regular treatment, otherwise rot will set in. As the occupant, you may feel it is time for a facelift, inspired by the neighbour’s recent renovations, whatever your reasons, here are some cost-effective ideas on how to make your home a nicer place.

Transform the Home

Repaint the house

The walls of the building cover more area than any other part of the structure, so we are talking about a major section of the house. A repaint involves more than just another coat of paint, with surface preparation essential, and with innovative new paints, UV protection will significantly cool the rooms during the summer, while retaining the heat in the winter months. For a range of colours and finishes, search online for painting contractors in Perth, and you will find a local company who can assist you in all aspects of repainting.

Resurface the drive

Always a major feature of any house, the driveway leads up to the entrance, and if it is need of repair, can make the property look jaded. There are concrete solutions that include a variety of textures, such as aggregate and stencilled finishes.

Consider the lighting

For overall ambience, the lighting is a key factor, so consider using LED strip lights, which can be placed around the property, and will provide a low level light that will enhance the look of your home. Spotlights can be used to highlight objects, and a floodlight is always welcome in large grounds. Trees offer a chance to illuminate, and if one is creative, it can be spectacular at night.

Re-tile the roof

Not as expensive as one might think, re-tiling a roof can really change the appearance of a building, and with a range of insulated tiles of various colours, the perfect choice is not hard to find. Make sure you do your research by getting estimates and reading reviews to ensure you find the best Middlesex County Roofers for the job.

Transform the Home1

New guttering

Apart from taking the excess water away, guttering can be very effective in changing the look of a property, and with stainless steel a popular choice, one can accentuate those modern lines, with the clean look of steel.

Gates and doors

If your property has a set of gates, they might need a repaint, or possibly replacing. For any guest, this is the first thing they will experience, so an impression should be made. Timber can be treated with varnish, and painted surfaces given a fresh coat, to brighten up the entrance of the residence. A new front door would certainly make an impression, as long as the style is in keeping with the windows.

With a little forethought and planning, a house transformation won’t cost the earth, and it will change the ambience, and provide a more comfortable living space for you and your family.

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