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How to Add Value to your Home

With very unpredictable home values in the UK it is always wise to be aware of what does and doesn’t add value to your current property.  In certain areas in the UK it can be difficult to sell a home due to so much competition therefore having things that set you apart from the others can only be a good thing.  There are many things you can do to increase the value of your home from simple internal things to freshen it up like painting to actually making structural changes like garage conversions.  Here are some suggestions of things that can add value.

Build a Driveway

If you have the space at your home it may be an idea to build a driveway.  Specifically in crowded areas where car spaces are limited, by creating a space at your home via a driveway, you would definitely add value.  Doing this sort of activity requires some attention though and you cannot just go ahead and start on this activity.  You will need permission from the authorities possibly as the pavement outside at the entrance to the drive will require to be reduced.  In addition, planning permission may be required which includes approval from your neighbours.  Doing this sort of activity is more of a project and you may wish to get some support from patio paving specialists.

Garage Conversion

Another project may be to convert a garage into a room – this again can add a lot of value to your home.  Doing this activity can be quite costly in respect to materials but also structural changes required at the home therefore an element of planning permission ay be required.  This can also go negatively if not completed correctly in terms of you selling the property on.  If you have converted a garage into a room but there is no alternative space for storage then this is not a good thing.  Alternative storage solutions would be recommended such as a basement or large garden hut.

Internal decoration

Sometimes people have their own unique taste therefore making the internal decoration difficult to get right.  Some people like it very plain with no wallpaper but others like wallpaper, carpets etc.  Getting the balance right can be difficult.  No matter what taste you have, you can always make it a lot easier to sell by getting this right in terms of a fresh lick of paint or fresher new wallpaper.  Things like carpets also wear easily therefore before selling on a property it may be an idea to refresh the carpets.

Windows and Doors

Most modern properties now come with double glazed windows and secure doors.  If you do not have this then this could definitely cause a problem if trying to sell your property on and would potentially decrease its value.  People are looking for a secure home and this plays an important part in this.  This can be quite a costly project though therefore shopping around would be a good idea.

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