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Ramp Up Your Outdoor Space

Are you looking for more space in which to entertain or simply relax on a Sunday afternoon? Chances are you have a great space in your own back yard that’s being underutilized. Grab some imagination and a money saving coupon from Groupon and follow these recommendation from the experts. You’ll be enjoying your new outdoor space in no time!


If you have an existing deck or patio space, determine if the amount of space you have allows for a dining area or sitting area or both. If you’re starting from scratch, decide which furnishings you’d like to have and plan your space accordingly. Herbergers has a great selection of outdoor furnishings. For decks, the first task is to reapply deck stain and sink any nail heads. For patios, check the stability of pavers or patch concrete where necessary. Safety for you and your guests is important. Once your space has been prepared, start with positioning your larger pieces. This most likely is either a grill and a dining table or a seating area.  Position the grill closer to the house door as this will make it easier to move in and out with foods to and from the grill.

For added ambiance, consider including three or four large planters and fill with seasonal flowers. Several large planters will make a bigger impact and require less maintenance. A large umbrella will be a welcome relief on sunny afternoons.  Finally, lighting is important. With so many options to choose from, decide is your space lends itself to hardwiring fixtures or using existing outlets. Rope lighting and light strands are available in an infinite number of shapes, sizes and colors. These are very inexpensive and easy to install.  In no time you’ll have a deck warming party to celebrate your new outdoor space!

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