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Reasons to Use Aluminium for Your Gate


Whether you want to build a fence for the privacy of your yard or a fully-automated gate for your driveway, the best material to use is aluminium. An aluminium driveway gate is one of the best solutions when you want an entryway that is at once stylish and secure. Even if you install a fence made with other materials, such as wood or wrought iron, your driveway gate should always be aluminium.

This is for a number of key reasons and the benefits speak for themselves. Across Perth, thousands of homeowners choose to install gates and fencing each year; and a large percent of them choose to use aluminium as their materials. If you are yet unsure, do the right research to understand why aluminium is so crucial to a great gate.


Wrought iron is one of the most expensive materials available for driveway gates and it is extremely heavy. Aluminium gates in Perth are far more cost-effective in comparison, saving you hundreds, if not thousands, on installation. Aluminium is a material that can be fabricated to look similar to wrought iron without emptying the wallet and without going far over budget. You deserve the chance to get the beautiful, secure gate you want for a lower, more affordable price.

Greater Options              

Aluminium driveway gates can be finished with many colours and styles, so know that you can install a gate suited to your unique style. A custom gate built to match your primary fence materials will add a bit of flair and attraction to your home and allow you to stand out among your neighbours. Aluminium driveway gates are fresh, clean-cut, and attractive in all cases. Therefore, you never need to worry about it looking anything but beautiful for years to come.


Unlike wrought iron, which is an exceptionally heavy material, aluminium gates are lightweight and easy to use. Whether you want to build an automated gate or a manual one, these gates are far easier to open and close and require less maintenance throughout the year. Remember that automated gate openers rely on electricity to work.

If you suddenly experience a power outage, you still need to move in and out of your home while you wait for electricity to return. An aluminium gate is far easier to open and close manually than other materials. Also, your automated system will live longer without the need for repair or replacement if you lower the amount of work needed for it to function.

Maintenance Free

Barring a simple washing with some warm water and soap, your aluminium gates are completely free of maintenance. Aluminium gates are powder coated, meaning you never need to worry about chipping paint, rusting metal, or cracking, such as you would with an iron gate. Aluminium is one of few metals that do not rust, which eliminates entirely the maintenance necessary for the upkeep on other types of gates. This upkeep can include staining, cleaning, sanding, and more over time. Aluminium gates are at once more affordable, easier to maintain, and just as beautiful as other gate materials. Once you know that aluminium is your best option, you simply need to contact a reputable Perth company for fabrication and instalment. Your home will look and feel more updated immediately.

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