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Top Tips to Homestay Accommodation

When people are looking to move to different countries and get the full experience of the culture, they sometimes consider the possibility of homestay accommodation.  This differs from your typical private rented accommodation and can be a lot more cost effective.  There are many different companies that will help you find homestay accommodation especially in big popular cities such as London.  Here are some of the top tips:


Be sure to fully comprehend all of the costs associated with the accommodation.  These will differ in respect to location and room type but also bed and breakfast or half board.  The costs may also include you leaving a deposit which you get back after your stay.  Sometimes there may be additional charges which include things like admin fees, Christmas supplements and even summer supplements.  In addition, some additional extras may include things like private bathroom otherwise you would expect this to be shared.

Know who you are sharing with

If you have opted to share a room with someone it is important to understand who that person is, nationality and background.  Ultimately you need to have a level of trust with someone that you will be exposed to in such a confined space however this will also potentially help you with your cultural breadth.  What I mean here is that, if the person is from another country and speaks a different language, this may actually be what you are looking in order to improve your foreign language skills.

In addition to sharing a room with someone, there are other rooms in the home that will be occupied by others.  It’s worth trying to get to know these people also in order to build a level of trust and relationship with.  You never know, you may even fall in love on this experience.

Location Choices

Depending on what you are wanting to get out of this experience will determine your location.  If you are coming to study then clearly you will be looking to get a host home potentially close to the college or university.  If you are over just to broaden your culture then maybe the location is not as important as long as it is near transport links.  In cities such as London the transport network is really good you usually only a stone throw away from an underground station that can take you almost anywhere in the city.  In addition to this, there is reliable bus and train services.


Be sure that if you sign a lease or contract that you fully comprehend all the conditions.  This will no doubt include a refundable deposit however if you damage something or break the terms of the contract, the refund may not come back to you.  You can either sign a fixed term contract or a rolling contract where you will require to give a set period of termination notice.  It may be worth getting some else to review the contract with you to ensure that you have understood all the important points.

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