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Top tips to keep your Property Safe

Protecting your property can be an expensive task and depending on the size of it there could be a lot of opportunities for someone to access it.  There are lots of different things you can do to help deter someone from trying to enter without your permission.

CCTV System

Placing a CCTV system within your property may seem a little extreme however it would be extremely effective.  This mechanism is not only very popular for business but residential property are doing this also.  CCTV Systems in Southend are becoming used much more readily.  Not only does CCTV assist in helping deter people from entering your property, if they are silly enough to do so then you have a great opportunity to prosecute as the footage will be recorded and you can give to the police.

Alarm System

Conventionally this is the most common method that is a cost effective way to alert others in the surrounding area that someone has entered your property.  This does however rely on the type of sensors you have chosen being broken – this could be seals on doors or windows or even motion sensors contained within.  In addition, you can connect these to the local police station so that if the  alarm is triggered, not only is it extremely loud but a signal is sent to the police to dispatch a vehicle to come and investigate.

Guard Dog

You will notice signs on some gates and doors stating that there is a guard dog within the property and you must enter at own risk.  It may be the case that some property owners place this sign here simply to deter someone and there may not actually be a dog there however it’s a risk someone has to choose whether to take or not.  If you do have a guard dog, not only will these dogs bark very loudly if someone does enter the property but they will potentially attack the individual that has decided to do so.


If you have valuable items then it may be an idea to purchase a safe.  Safes come in all shapes and sizes nowadays and can be completely fire proof also.  These can be used not only for items of monetary value but for items of sentimental significance.  Good safes would be very difficult for an intruder to break into or move (usually these are made of material that is also extremely heavy).


Depending on the type of property you have and how safe you want to make it, lighting can help play its part in this.  Burglars do not want to be seen therefore if you have the area well lit up it would help deter them.  This can be with lighting that is constantly on or ones with motion sensors connected to them which switch on when someone is in the affected area.  It’s important to bear in mind that this would also include animals therefore this could be triggered a lot.

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