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Types of Mulches: What Should You Choose for a Garden?

Very popular as soil covering, mulches go well in many kinds of gardens. They keep the moisture in, trap the heat and make for beautiful pathway materials. At the same time, these can isolate your plants from any weeds that may try to grow. Mulches come in many types, however. Not all are suitable to every garden.

Pumice rock

It may not be seen so often, but sometimes its reddish color is a welcome contrast with the greenery. This is a volcanic rock suitable to flower beds. Being highly porous, it can trap in a lot of moisture. This is its top quality and you should consider it if you are living in a dry area. The downside is that it will take more water to finally humidify the soil.


Shredded bark and wood chips

Common and inexpensive, these can be obtained from many types of trees and represent a by-product of many industries. In spite of seeming fragile, it can last well in time. If you have any doubts about all other options, this can surely earn your trust under all circumstances.

Pine needles

Another 100% natural option, pine needles have a beautiful color and texture. Also, they don’t break down so easily and will last a lot longer than leaves. If you grow acid soil plants in your garden, this is the ideal choice, because of the high acidity pine needles promote.

Cocoa hull

This mulch looks great and has a very pleasant medium brown shade. Besides, it’s got a fine texture and will keep its aspect in time. This is affordable too and it may seem like an excellent choice… only that cocoa hull is a danger to pets. This is a serious concern for many homeowners.


Artificial mulch

Cheap enough, colorful and non-toxic, rubber chippings used as mulch make for a great alternative to natural materials. They last so well in time and can take about any type of weather, also handling well the moisture. Have a look at www.crumbzrubber.com for a surprising variety of rubber mulch for garden use.

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