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4 colour ideas for your kitchen

It can be difficult to find affordable ways to give a kitchen some style. While purchasing stainless steel appliances or wood cabinets looks great, these can cost thousands of dollars and may not match well with the rest of your kitchen decor. Glass splashbacks are one minor kitchen renovation that homeowners in Perth have found to not only be more affordable, but more customisable than other kitchen improvement projects.


Perth City Glass is able to install glass splashbacks that match your specific colour request. And if you are looking for a little inspiration, these four colour ideas might help find the shade that will turn your dull kitchen into a work of art.


Some people may think of white as boring, but in a kitchen it provides a clean, elegant look that pairs well with just about any type of cabinets or appliances. If your kitchen does not get a lot of natural light or has dim lighting, white can be a good way to ensure it does not get too dark.

Cleanliness is one concern homeowners have about using white in the kitchen and understandably so. However, glass splashbacks are easy to clean and happen to be stain and scuff resistant.


Much like white, grey is not a bold or vibrant colour that will turn heads. However, a grey splashback is a good way to make a kitchen look modern without having to tear everything down and rebuild it again. Grey does pair well with most other colours so you won’t have to worry about it clashing with other fittings. The only concern a homeowner might have about utilising grey in the kitchen is that it is almost too commonplace these days and it might not make yours stand out.


If you are really looking to inject some colour into your kitchen, a green splashback is the way to go. The good thing about green is that it is bright and vibrant without being overpowering or visually unappealing. Homeowners in Perth who want to bring a bistro-style charm to their kitchen can go with a pale green splashback to give the room a rustic look.


A deep, rich green, such as forest green, can be appealing for homeowners who want a nature-inspired kitchen. Choosing a dark green splashback and pairing it with wooden cabinets can make it feel as if the great outdoors are in your home.


Red might seem as if it is too bold or powerful for any room, but it is believed that the colouractually makes people hungry. This is obviously perfect for the kitchen. Apart from that, a red splashback can be a way to give your kitchen a restaurant-style vibe that might not be possible with more subdued colours.

Homeowners looking for a glass splashback in Perth should choose a specialist who can offer a wide-range of options. Perth Glass Company can not only match a splashback with any colour you want, but we offer a complete service package that guarantees everything from surveying and measuring to cutting and installation is handled by our experts.

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