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Have You Ever Considered Slate Roofing for Your Home?

Most people with pitched roofs have traditional roof tiles. They are plentiful, common, and offer durability and good aesthetics. However, other roof coverings exist, and one of the most interesting is slate tiles. But, why should you consider slate roof tiles? What kinds of advantages do they offer over and above regular roof tiles?

What Is the Health of Your Shingle Roof Like?

One of the biggest issues with regular shingle roof tiles is that they can become damaged over time by the weather. This can lead to cracks, and these cracks can allow rainwater to get inside. This can cause all sorts of other damages, including damaged insulation, electrical wiring, and water damage.

The Benefits of Slate Roof Tiles

If you’re interested in having slate installed as roofing on your property, the good news is that companies such as NSW Slate Roofing can help you. They can provide an obligation free quote and discuss your needs with you. So, why should you consider slate roof tiles? Consider the following:

  • The natural look: Slate is a natural material that provides a range of textures and colours. Many people fall in love with the natural and organic look of slate and find it to be superior to regular roof tiles. Because slate is a naturally occurring material, each and every tile may have tinges of blue, green, brown, or grey within it. This can certainly add a totally unique look to your home and make you stand out in the street. It may also be a unique selling point should you ever decide to place your home on the market.
  • Durability: regular roof tiles are known for being pretty durable, but slate tiles offer far superior strength and durability over time. In fact, even a conservative estimate states that slate tiles will last for at least 50 years without repair. Many slate roofs on old builds are over one hundred years old, so you may never have to replace your roof at all once you have slate installed. This also means that it’s more unlikely to crack and become damaged over time, which leads to fewer instances of rainwater entering the roof and causing damage elsewhere.
  • Weather resistant: Because slate is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock, it is weather resistant. It will resist rain for decades and decades and will also resist the growth of damaging mildew. When it’s installed correctly, a slate roof will be a lot more resistant to the weather than regular shingle roofs.

The Slate Advantage

If the shingle roofing on your home has seen better days, and it’s looking decidedly cracked and worn, or if you have missing shingles, and some of them are cracked and damaged, it might be time to consider a whole new roof.

Slate roof tiles provide an excellent alternative to regular roofing shingles and provide superior strength, durability, weather resistance, and mildew resistance. Furthermore, they are aesthetically pleasing and offer an attractive organic look that can really add potential sales value to a home.

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