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Is a Plain Concrete Driveway a Good Choice?

Driveways require a considerable amount of maintenance and must be very well maintained. The driveway is basically a small stretch of road that leads up to the house. It forms an important part of the overall curb appeal of your place, so it should be well maintained. Most people simply park their cars out on the driveway if they don’t have space in the garage. Many people also park in the driveway if they have to take the car out again, because parking in the garage again and again is too much hassle. However, the driveway is constantly exposed to environmental elements, which means you have to maintain it.

If you do not maintain your driveway properly, a series of problems are likely to arise. Potholes and cracks will soon become evident, and driving your car over them is going to become more and more difficult. Plain concrete driveways are very common and are seen in many houses throughout Melbourne. If you are thinking of making the switch over to plain concrete driveways in Melbourne, the first thing you need to do is ask for a quote from a local pavement company. Investing in a plain concrete driveway is obviously a good option. Here are just a few reasons why you should go for a plain concrete driveway in your house.

Lifecycle Expense

A common reason why so many people choose asphalt driveways is because they simply consider the upfront costs and nothing else. Asphalt, for those who do not know, is slightly more expensive to maintain when compared with concrete driveways. When you consider the overall lifecycle expenditure on maintenance in the future, you will realise that the small premium you pay upfront for concrete driveways means little. Numerous studies have confirmed that concrete driveways tend to last much longer than asphalt driveways. They are considerably more resistant to UV radiation, environmental elements such as dust and debris, and can easily withstand excessive rainfall and snowfall as well.

Curb Appeal

When you consider the curb appeal offered by concrete driveways, you will realise that they are well worth the money. The driveway leading up to your house will be an important factor in the way your place looks. The plain light grey surface blends really well and can be used with virtually any kind of home design. It doesn’t matter what colour the exterior of your walls are, the concrete will blend really well. If you do not want the light grey option, a number of creative design choices are also available to you. You can compare multiple options before you make a decision.

Load Bearing Capacity

Another major reason why you should consider opting for concrete driveways is because of their load bearing capacity. You can easily park your car for long hours on the driveway without any problem at all. You don’t have to worry about the driveway sinking slightly due to the excessive weight of the load on it anymore.

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