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Reliable Results from Non-Destructive Testing

No matter what the product or service, if you want to get the benefits from it that you pay for, it helps to have a basic understanding of the product details or how the service works. This may not be quite as crucial with non-destructive testing, but it generally pays to be an educated consumer. This process, also known as NDT, non-destructive inspection, or non-destructive examination, covers quite a wide area of techniques.


NDT is used in science and industry to evaluate material properties, a component, or a system. As the name implies, the goal is to learn as much as possible without causing damage to the object being studied. In many cases, this process is used to find out whether there is a crack, serious corrosion, defects, or other damage. You may see it used in the automobile industry as well as petroleum, shipping, aerospace, and many other fields.


Engineers and others must achieve a certification level to use this process which may include ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing, among other processes. If you are in the Perth region, you have access to one of the leaders in the field. Their skilled personnel use a range of techniques and procedures to provide cost-effective and efficient NDT.

When your situation calls for non-destructive testing in Perth, you would be wise to call a reliable and experienced company that uses procedures such as ground-penetrating radar and other techniques. They can verify structural integrity on walls, beams, columns, foundations, etc. in real time, and do so without damaging physical disruption to your site.

The list of objectives includes checking structural integrity, checking structural capacity, measuring concrete depth, identifying core drilling locations to avoid existing services, detecting buried objects, and identifying steel mesh and reinforcement positioning. An array of applications can benefit from the efficiency and accuracy of modern NDT techniques.

Essential Step

Non-destructive testing can be an essential step in project planning, in design, and, of course, in engineering. When you work with a full-service company in this special industry, you get comprehensive reports that contain all the details needed by surveyors, contractors, engineers, and property owners. Companies get to be leaders in their field by delivering results, yes, but also by delivering outstanding customer service. When a business gets results, reports them accurately, and does it in a cost-effective manner, you can be sure of what you have paid for.

You are urged to visit the website of this leading provider of NDT services to learn more about what they offer. But you will also find they offer acoustic leak detection, CCTV pipe surveys, concrete scanning, pipe and conduit cleaning, locating underground service, and more. When you spend a few minutes browsing the site, you are spending time with the most trusted NDT provider in the Perth area.

The site offers plenty of opportunities to learn about the process, how it can benefit your situation, and how you can best arrange for this unique service. When damage prevention and preventative maintenance are at the top of your priority list, get in touch with the experts.

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