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Strategies for Easily Painting Your Cabinets

Are you currently fantasizing about kitchen remodeling but you do not have enough money to complete some major changes?

Well, you may make a significant change in your house without trading lots of money. It’s not necessary to replace all things in your kitchen area at the same time, freshen it by painting cabinets. You are able to completely help your kitchen throughout only one weekend having a fresh paint sprayer and handful of gallons of fresh paint.

Prep the area.

Painting cabinets isn’t a struggle whatsoever, particularly if you perform the set-up. Prior to getting began with painting you have to get everything ready for that process. The very first factor you must do would be to start cleaning. Get sponge and facial cleanser and thoroughly wipe lower everything. Empty from the cupboards and drawers into moving boxes and take away all of the clutter throughout this method. Are now using the plastic sheets to pay for everything you won’t want to finish up colored.

Dismantle all cabinets and drawers, remove all knobs and handles to help make the painting process simpler. Mark every cabinet or on a shelf and it is corresponding parts with similar tape and make certain that you simply write where everywhere goes so it might be simpler to re-do the installation later.

Decide must you sand your cabinets or otherwise. The sanding process is generally necessary just for shiny cabinets which contain plenty of memory.

Start painting

Prime the cupboards. Your cabinets have to be primed before beginning to fresh paint. Primers help new fresh paint to bond using the old fresh paint you have in your cabinets. It’s also helpful for covering any blemishes, stains or knots. Wait a couple of hrs and you may start painting.

Obtain the fresh paint on. For the greatest result you need to use a sprayer. If you work with a brush, always put it on one way and do not put it on on too thick. Despite the fact that this can be additional time consuming, it is best to decide to apply two light jackets rather than only one heavy layer. First fresh paint the insides, leave to dry and just then use the other side. By doing this you’ll avoid fresh paint drops around the outsides of the cabinets.

You need to wait a minimum of 72 hours for that fresh paint to dry. You won’t want to ruin your effort when you are too impatient.

Put everything back. After your fresh paint dries completely you will need to hang everything to its place. Fortunately, for those who have prepared properly at first now you know where every drawer, door and knob goes.

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